This is how it works

The Visionspeng will be announced once a year. For one month, anyone can apply for the funds.

Once you have determined your project and how it supports the vision, you submit it via the eService. You need to describe what you want to do, how you are going to do it, and what will happen once the project is completed. And obviously, how much it costs. The eService will tell you what you need to think about. Remember that you are responsible for carrying out the project!

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If you are under the age of 18, you need an adult who can be responsible.

After the announcement period, normally four weeks, the steering group will review the proposals to make sure that they comply with the rules and involve such matters that the municipality may support. You will be given the opportunity to answer questions and correct any errors.

Once the proposals have been approved, they will be posted on the website for voting. All Orsa residents may vote on the proposal they think is the best right now. You do not need to be an Orsa resident to submit a proposal; however, only Orsa residents may vote. You will also be given the opportunity to present your proposal at a public meeting.

The proposal with the most votes wins. If there is room for multiple proposals within the SEK 200,000 limit, more than one proposal may win.

The winning proposal(s) will enter into an agreement with the municipality and will be allowed to carry out the project within the budget applied for.

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