Helge Soling

The Godfather of tourism in Orsa

Helge Soling, Orsaturismens gudfader.

Helge Soling, temporarily back in his role as a railcar-driver. He went on to be the (god)father of tourism in Orsa.

Helge Soling is the rail bus driver who became the tourist manager and as such legendary! Helge's ingenuity had no limits. If the tourists wanted to see a bear, they got to see the bear, if it so was Helge himself dressed in bearskin! Helge was one of the driving forces behind the Grönklitt tourist complex and the development of Orsa camping.

Helge was a fixer. Today it would probably not be possible to work as he did. To day we have too many rules and regulations. But Helge knew the art of navigating between the blind cuts of bureaucracy. And he never made it for his own gain, but for the good of Orsa.

Is there anyone who can be called the father of modern tourism - not to say Godfather - in Orsa, it is Helge Soling.

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