Anders Frelin

The entrepreneur who quenched the thirst of forest workers

Anders Frelin vid härbre i Fryksås och Frelins Nykterhetscafé. Foto.

Anders Frelin at a shelter in Fryksås and his café – Frelins Nykterhetscafé (Frelins Sobriety café).

Anders Frelin came to Orsa from Svärdsjö, attracted by the Klondyke-like atmosphere that prevailed in the 1890s. He started Storå brewery on Ön with soft drink as the main product. Frelin was dedicated to the Good Templars. Hence the original name of the immortal Frelins café in Orsa: Frelin's Sobriety Café. In periods he also ran a hotel in the building on Järnvägsgatan.

It was also Anders Frelin who had Fryksåsgården built, what is now Fryksås Hotell.

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