August Larsson

We know the house - but who was August Larsson?

August Larsson-huset och August Larsson

The August Larsson-house and August Larsson himself. But it was in fact Carl Strandell who did build the iconic building.

The August Larsson house, beautifully coloured by Vaino Ranung, is familiar with all citizens of Orsa. It is perhaps Orsa's most iconic building. But it was actually built in 1902 by Carl Strandell, whose monogram still adorns the façade. Over time, Carl Strandell made a considerable fortune in forest and property stores during Orsa's Klondyke days. But why is the house commonly called August Larsson house?

The reason is Sjöön's August Larsson. Already in 1910 he started manufacturing business in the house (and thus took on a slightly softer course than his brother Anders who, among other things, worked as an officer in the Belgian Congo). And to this day we can read the name Aug. Larsson in the window of the building. The store also became one of the most persistent in the village. It was run by the family all the way into the 90's!

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