Birgitta Lillpers

Prized poet and linguistic equilibrist whose unique and beautiful language has earned her numerous prizes and awards.

Birgitta Lillpers - prisad poet.

Birgitta Lillpers. Photo: Gunnel Johansson, Wahlström & Widstrands publisher.

Birgitta Lillpers made her debut as a lyricist with the poetry collection "Stämnoja" in 1982. She was quickly recognized for her spellbinding language, which characterizes her 13 poetry collections as well as her six novels. She has also written a local historical book about the use of workhorses in Orsa from the oldest time until 1950.

Birgitta's writing has received her a number of prizes and appointments such as Aftonbladet's literature prize, The Swedish Radio's Poetry Prize, The Nine's Grand Prize, the Ferlin Prize and the Ekelöf Prize to name a few.

A sign of her integrity is also the award she was awarded but turned down.

In 2018, she was awarded the Gerhard Bonnier Prize, which is awarded by the Swedish Academy. She declined, citing the turbulence within the organization.

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