Hellzephyrs poporkester

– the kings of back heel pop

De olika inkarnationerna av Hellzephyrs poporkester, verksamma 1980–2008. Foto.

The different incarnations of Hellzephyrs poporchestra, promising popband for almost 30 years.

Music is fun. It was the starting point for the loosely composed bunch of guys that would eventually be formed into Hellzephyr's pop-orchestra. In the late 1970s, they showed up wherever a party gig was needed. The bands name depended on who engaged them.

By 1980, the shape had become a little firmer and Hellzephyrs became a concept. Home-field was Orsa hotel, especially the club "Grönan", located in the basement. They soon began to write their own songs, with a little crazy twist and preferably well rooted in Orsa. When they were going to play Radio Dalarna's Musikpuls, they had to make a demotape. It happened to be in the pocket, ready to hand over to the producer Janne Goldman at a restaurant in Mora. Hellzephyrs got a record deal. Suddenly they were in a Camper van on their way down to Stockholm to record a single. The A-side was called "Varför sitter gamla kärringar med hatten på" - "Why sits old women with the hat on" and the b-side was a translation of Lou Reed's Take a walk on the wild side, pre-Swedishized to "Ta en kopp på Frelins" - "Take a cup at Frelins" Frelins was of course the local café. Both songs became radio hits! And radio board reports...

During the first half of the 1980s, Hellzephyrs toured the country extensively. So diligently that when asked for a gig at home, people asked, "Can't we just go out and play on the street?" This caused Orsayran.

Since the hits were absent at the national level, many believed that the band was disbanded, but not. In fact, it didn't stop until 2008, after 28 years! If they really stopped ...

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