Julius and Bjorn

– young philanthropists

Björn Daniels och Julius Aspman satte Orsa på kartan genom enastående resultat i SVT:s Musikhjälpen.

Björn Daniels and Julius Aspman put Orsa on the map with their outstanding results in Swedish televisions charity fundraising program Musikhjälpen (The Music-help)

Julius Aspman and Björn Daniels went straight into Swedish hearts with their little crazy antics to raise money for the tv show Musikhjälpen.

They have pulled in more than 2.5 million by swimming in one-degree water, riding cows, sleeping at ICA (!), riding 90 km on kick, hitchhiking to Lidingöloppet – and running it and more.

In addition to Musikhjälpen, they have continued to engage in justice issues and are an example that we Orsabor are proud of!

Senast uppdaterad: 13 juni 2023