Kalle Moraeus

Kalle Moraeus – the face of Orsa

Kalle Moraeus, spelman, symfoniker, programledare och luftgitarrist.

Kalle Moraeus didn't have much choice. He was born into a musical family. Dad Erik breathed life into the fiddler's team in Orsa and was one of Dalarna's leading fiddlers. Uncle Pelle Jakobsson was a national fiddler, as are his brothers Perra and Olle and his cousin Anders . So he was kind of born with the violin-bow in his hand.

He studied his way into the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra where he was permanently employed for a number of years. He kept in touch with his roots and when the collaboration Orsa fiddlers and Benny Andersson was a fact he became a freelance musician. He is a permanent member of BAO, Benny Andersson's orchestra, has his own orchestra, participates in a variety of constellations with common denominator: musicality. Genres don't matter.

Kalle has one of our most famous TV faces. As a guest, of course, but then as a presenter in shows as "Så ska det låta "and his own concert program "Moraeus and more", of course recorded in Orsa. Kalle does not miss a chance to support his home village, where he moved back to after many years in Stockholm.

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