Orsa spelmän, Orsa Fiddlers

– the jewel in the music-crown

Orsa spelmän, originalet: Olle Moraeus, Kalle Moraeus, Nicke Göthe, Perra Moraeus och Leif Göras. Foto.

The Original Orsa Fiddlers: Olle Moraeus, Kalle Moraeus, Nicke Göthe, Perra Moraeus and Leif Göras. Regular accordionist Benny Andersson is missing.

It started with a party and developed into pure music history.

When the photographer Anders Hanser turned 40, he invited some folk-musicians as entertainers. Also present at the party was the genuinely folk music-interested world artist Benny Andersson. He cautiously asked if he could join the fiddlers with his accordion. He could.

Benny wrote a lot of folk-music songs and when it was time to play these for the public, he contacted the musicians from the party and asked if they wanted to join. Who would have said no ...

The brothers Pererik, Olle and Kalle Moraeus, Nicke Göthe and Leif Göras joined Benny and Benny Andersson's album "Klinga mina klockor" became a reality. The title song itself was written in Anders Hanser's cottage in Oljonsbyn!

The collaboration continued with a series of records under the name Orsa Spelmän, Orsa fiddlers. With Benny Andersson, they also appear on the record November 1989 and not least, together with their friend Jan-Anders "Jogga" Ernlund in BAO, Benny Andersson's orchestra is included.

Larsåke ”Leckan” Leksell and Peter Ohlson have both been regular accordionists with the fiddlers, but it still happens that Benny jumps in. Or as an accordion student of Leckan put it: "Who is he who replaces Leckan into Orsa fiddlers when Leckan can't?"

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