Viktor Kandre

He created Swedens most expensive toilet seat.

Viktor Kandre holding a toilet seat. Foto.


In 1944, Viktor Kandre fled the war in Estonia. He returned his gratitude to the country that received him with gusto.

Already after four years, he had established a business in Edsbyn where he manufactured toilet seats. It was one of many ideas that entrepreneur Kandre had, but the one that took him the farthest.

In 1958, he moved the production to Orsa and already in 1965 a new larger premises was needed to meet the demand for the high-quality KAN seat.

The move to Orsa was motivated not least by greater access to the very core of the stable toilet seat – sawdust.

Over the years, several colors and models have come and gone and new types of wood have been added, but the design language has been the same. Like the quality requirements. It was the focus on quality that led to the use of the PR message for a period: "Sweden's most expensive toilet seat."

Viktor Kandre passed away in 1992. Production continues.

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