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Vision Orsa 2050

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In Orsa, we create with the people, not for the people

In Orsa, you can be whoever you are and become whoever you want.

In Orsa, there is room for everyone to grow. Personal growth and new knowledge have a natural place in our community, and we work together to advance learning and education. We embrace education from all over the world and our school is located in the middle of our village. The perspectives of children and young people are included in everything we do.

In Orsa, we create venues where we develop innovations and go from ideas to action. We utilise our qualities and learn new things together. We are curious, passionate, and we have the courage to try new paths. Here, we create our future.

We take action in a world of constant change. We form relationships and evolve with our surroundings, and we acknowledge both regional and global perspectives. Our sense of connection and our creativity make us an ultimate location for collaboration that adds value. Here, everyone plays an equally significant role in creating a sustainable community in which we want to live – young and old alike.

In Orsa, there is a sense of community, courage, and creative power.

Orsa offers quality of life

To live in Orsa is to really live.

Nature here is always accessible and visible. This is a unique centre for outdoor experiences as well as an oasis of untouched wilderness and tranquillity.

Orsa is a place to be proud of. We take care of each other, our environment, and our nature. No one needs to be alone. It is safe to live here, and we live a life in balance.

We stand with one foot in history and the other in the future. We have a historic area with a unique atmosphere and spirit. We have old buildings that tell our story and new sustainable housing that stand out. With great faith in the future, Orsa is a centre for music and culture where we preserve the old and innovate the new with pride and joy.

In Orsa, we have the time and energy to live.

In Orsa, we make things possible

In Orsa, you meet the simple.

Orsa offers a natural sense of connection and continuous conversation between residents, visitors, associations, and entrepreneurs. A welcoming openness lays the foundation for everything we do. We communicate in all directions, and we have Sweden’s best resident dialogue.

In Orsa, we do things together and we make it simple. We create, interact, innovate, and take care of with ease. Our openness makes us credible, and our climate is one in which everyone strives to find good solutions for those we are here for. We have more will as well as more time here.

Along with our forests and our land, our villages and centres, we welcome new opportunities. Our business owners and entrepreneurs offer services and products both locally and globally. Here, digital solutions meet unique shops and personal service, which is a popular destination for many people all in itself. Here, quality is simply easy to come by.

In Orsa, we make it possible.

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