This is the Visionspeng

Every year for three years, SEK 200,000 will be set aside for developing Orsa. Anyone with a proposal can apply. The requirements are as follows: the proposal must be in line with Vision Orsa 2050, and it must meet the other criteria for the Visionspeng. The money will be distributed to the proposals that receive the most votes from Orsa residents via the municipal website.

Liten pojke i blå tröja spanar i en tubkikare ut över skog och ängar. Foto.

The Visionspeng

Do you have an idea that you want to realise in order to make Orsa better? Then this is your chance to apply for financing to make it happen. Anyone can submit a proposal; the more, the better. One or more proposals will share the SEK 200,000. The Visionspeng is a three-year project where SEK 200,000 are distributed each year.

It does not matter whether you are 5, 50, or 105 years old. A good community is constantly evolving, and it is our different ways of thinking that create the conditions for finding unexpected paths forward. We want to take advantage of your wise thoughts and ideas, and we have a way to involve as many people as possible. We call it the Visionspeng.

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